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why Don't you know 这是哪一首韩文歌?

希望采纳~~~ EXID - 上下 (위아래)

이러지마 제발(请不要这样,Please Don't...) 是K.will唱的。

CNBLUE - I don't know why 副歌部分是不是这样的 I don't know why I don't know why I love you baby

歌曲名称:《Don't Know Why(不知为何)》 歌曲原唱:诺拉·琼斯 音乐风格:爵士,柔和 歌曲语言:英语 中英对照歌词: I waited till I saw the sun 我一直等 直到我看见太阳 I dont know why I didn't come 我不知道为什么我不会来 I left you...

一《I don't know why》韩国乐队C.N.BLUE(Code Name Blue,韩文名:씨엔블루)演唱的歌曲。 二 don't know why

The Essex Green 唱的 Don't Know Why 网易云 网页链接 虾米 网页链接 副歌部分是 I don't know why, don't know why, I don't know why you stay ~Yeah ~ 这首歌也是安乐死记录片《如何死亡:西蒙的选择》(How To Die:Simon's Choice) 的片尾...

歌曲:i don t know why 歌手:colvin shawn 专辑:fat city

Forever you my girl Forever be my world Remember that One day I held your hands and I kissed your lips then I told you Our love was meant to be and always will forever Give me that happiness I get from you just being there I al...

friend of mine 歌手:the national 专辑:the alligator Hey, where the hell are you You don't call me back, John Won't you come here and stay with me Why don't you come here and stay with me Hey, where the hell are you You don't ...

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